Who We Are

Welcome to Counsel Connections! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Counsel Connections is a well established, private practice counseling agency that has been in Alpharetta since 2015.  Since opening, we have tripled in size based on the overwhelmingly positive response our clients have had. Counsel Connections employs only highly experienced, well trained and diverse therapists who are exceptional in their areas of expertise. In addition, you will find our office to be a peaceful and comforting environment.

Practice Founders

Office Manager

Laura Amoretti

Billing Specialist, Admin, Patient Inquiries



LMSW Teens/Adults

LMSW Teens/Adults

Therapist, MCC, PhD

MA, Associate Therapist

LMSW, M.Div. Couples/Family

LMSW Children/Adolescents



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